The Human Cost of Patching

Whilst Cyber Security awareness continues to grow amongst the general public, Cyber Security Professionals have been vigilantly predicting the growth, momentum and sophistication of Cyber attacks for some time.

The impact of an outbreak or serious hack has many consequences and one such consequence is the impact to those that have to remediate an outbreak.  This is the human cost of patching.

It can be quite often overlooked, particularly in such a technical environment, but when that incident hits it is the human effort required that can make the difference to how an incident is dealt with and resolved.

Much like an emergency response, infrastructure professionals are immediately put on alert and are thrown directly into a world of fast pace co-ordination, pressure and response. The wrong move or decision can provide a disastrous outcome for the company organisation.

The longer an incident carries on the bigger the toll on the human response. Tiredness can quickly set in and key decisions can be taken under increased stress.

The only way to ensure optimum response and fast, coordinated remediation is by pre-planning every detail, particularly around resources required.

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