In the event of a critical release or when a vulnerability is identified it is important to be able to prioritise and target the remediation towards the areas of high risk.  This may mean deploying a single patch to specific or all servers, deploying a software upgrade or remediation of specific configuration issues.

PalisadeSECURE are always on hand to provide targeted Patching and Upgrades at short notice to minimise the risk of a Cyber Attack.

The benefit of having this resource on hand is that it allows your ‘business as usual’ functions to continue without impact allowing remediation to seemingly progress in the background.


Having in place the tools, skills and processes is essential to ensuring that your environment is mitigated against a Cyber Security attack.  Identifying gaps and putting controls in place to mitigate against a potential threat is an important task for Information Security professionals.  PalisadeSECURE can help ensure you have the tools and controls in place to mitigate a disastrous attack.


A key part of ensuring systems are hardened is to ensure that systems are configured with security in mind.

Often systems are set up ‘out of the box’ which can leave your environment at risk from configuration vulnerability.

Understanding the critical nature of ensuring systems are hardened through configuration, should be an important part of your Cyber Security Strategy.

PalisadeSECURE can help identify configuration issues or respond to compliance reports, arranging systems to be reconfigured at appropriate times, following internal change management.

Task Force Supplementation

PalisadeSECURE can work closely with internal teams in the event of an emergency situation, whether rolling out patching, updating critical software or responding to an attack.  Our team offers a convenient solution to supplement your resources when required.