Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

PalisadeSECURE are partnered with Cronus Cyber Technologies to bring you CyBot – Machine-Based Penetration Testing.

Cronus Cyber Technologies

24/7 Continuous Penetration Testing

With 24/7 machine based penetration testing, you can continuously manage your resilience against potential hackers on a global scale and provide mitigation on a priority basis.

Unlike Human penetration testing, the CyBot performs continuous penetration testing all year round, not once a year, including continuous risk assessment for full control of your network 24/7. A complete cyber security and business risk map is always available for your Chief Security Officer (CSO) to follow up on.

• No False Positive

• No risk of network crash


CyBot provides you with a comprehensive global overview so that you can very quickly visualise and make critical security decisions from a global level.

• Presents specific potential local and global Attack Path Scenarios

• Based on discovered vulnerabilities across multiple systems and subnets


Unlike human penetration testers that can analyze no more than 10 assets a day, CyBot Pro can fully analyze hundreds of thousands of assets daily, identify the risks of the network as a whole, and check for connectivity between various IP-based machines in and between your networks to give a visual risk map of attack path scenarios, 24/7, 365 days per year.

Attack Path Reporting

Through CyBot Pro you can quickly build reports that show real life attack path scenarios which allow you to take a risk based approach to vulnerability remediation.

Attack Path Scenarios Report

• List of Attack Path Scenarios

• Attack Path Scenario graphic presentation

• Related exploitable vulnerabilities


For any Information Security professional, the vast amount of information that needs to be digested can be overwhelming, especially when you have to make key security decisions that can and will have an impact on delivering key services or protection of sensitive information.

Prioritising key remedial decisions can be challenging in such a fast paced environment.

CyBot helps you to do this by showing you clearly where your biggest threat on the network is.

Prioritised Attack Path Scenarios

Presents potential local and global Attack Path Scenarios

Prioritised by:

• Type of targeted asset

• Cross subnets path features

• Difficulty of performing the Attack Path

• Level of risk path escalation

Threat Analysis

Combined with 24/7 Penetration Testing, a global view attack path reporting Cybot, allows you to be ahead of the threat by giving you a complete view of your environment and where you are most vulnerable.

CyBot offers you a complete solution, for example:-

• Centralised cyber security management solution to manage multiple CyBot Pros dispersed in your global network.

• Bridges geographical, language, and cultural gaps inherent to global organizations.

• Creates complex global Attack Path Scenarios involving multiple sites and subnets.

• Unified dashboard with comprehensive global risk map depicting all environments.

• Ability to zoom in and out to control data resolution based on specific needs.