Why would you consider outsourced Patch Management Services

Not too long ago, patch management was a fairly low priority for the server and infrastructure teams.  Patches used to be fairly casually deployed, if deployed at all.  However, the increase in the threat landscape, particularly over the past couple of years and the rise of widespread worms and malicious code targeting known vulnerabilities on systems that remain unpatched have become a serious threat and thrust patch management to the forefront of many organisations’ list of security priorities.

Large, complex server infrastructure environments require highly skilled and dedicated teams with various disciplines to manage, maintain and improve systems and processes.  Often, a busy team can become overwhelmed with what can be perceived as mundane tasks.  In addition, routine maintenance work, like patch management often needs to be completed out of hours requiring overtime to be used by skilled workers for fairly routine, unexciting work.

The management of installing server security patches can become an inconvenient overhead and something that can be difficult to keep up with.

The management of scheduling maintenance windows with various teams and stakeholders can also add to the burden.

By outsourcing security patch management, you are not giving away ownership of patch management, just the delivery.  This means that you can concentrate high priority support tasks or projects knowing that your systems are compliant with your companies patch management policy.

Whether you are looking for cost savings, increase efficiency or help to achieve consistent policy compliance consider Palisade Secure’s patch management services.