Old school media still works

The age of cyber communication has sped everything up. Humans have created short cuts and have learnt to bypass the usual pleasantries to get straight to the point.

In a straw poll we did recently we asked an audience, when your phone rings, who ignores it? Relatively unsurprisingly 60% of the audience raised their hands. Why? Its just so inconvenient isn’t it? ! People now just want to cut to the chase…. an email or txt is just so much easier.

So I guess its no surprise that when thinking about engaging with users about their cyber responsibilities some of the older more traditional methods are not often thought about relying on email or txt.

However, a traditional poster displayed by the photo copier or next to the water cooler can be a great way to get a simple but effective message across.

PalisadeSECURE provides a selection of free poster images on their website – click here to view posters.