Do not Become another Headline!

Cyber Crime is hot news and its seems as though you cannot escape the headlines at the moment. With the changing threat landscape, businesses are at an increased risk of becoming the next headline. From government organisations to multinational corporations it seems as though no one can avoid becoming compromised by the latest hack.

During the recent WannaCry outbreak, names such as FedEx, Nissan, Telefonica and a Library in Oman all hit national headlines.

The government have introduced the Cyber Security Essentials Scheme which aims to give companies and organisations of any size five key controls in which a company can cover basic Cyber Security precautions.

The five controls are:

1. Boundary firewalls and internet gateways
2. Secure Configuration
3. Access Control
4. Malware Protection
5. Patch Management

The vast majority of successful attacks were a success because basic Cyber Security precautions were not implemented. In order to avoid becoming the headline, Cyber Security Essentials is a good place to start.