How do you know you are currently compliant?

Measuring compliancy is a critical part of your patch management strategy. Once you have applied the latest patches to your operating systems it is just a matter of time, sometimes days, usually within a couple of weeks, before the next set of patches are due to be applied.

Measuring Compliancy can be an Onerous Task

Your patch management policy will dictate your compliancy but measuring compliancy can be an onerous task. There are of course the tools out there that will produce reports, usually the patch management software, but there tends to be a certain amount of manual interpretation that goes into reading the reports and producing the high level stats that the board are interested in – namely real time “are we compliant or not?”.

Misinterpreting the Data

In addition, larger companies should not be reliant on human interpretation of the stats. It is not necessarily a trust issue, but sometimes, when under pressure it is easy to misinterpret the data.

To this end, PalisadeSECURE have developed a real time compliancy monitoring tool which clearly shows the patching compliancy level accessible to all key stake holders.