In 2005 our Founder and CEO recognised the need for cyber security operations to be separate from general infrastructure/IT teams. Often cyber security was put to the bottom of the list of tasks, due to the amount of pressure that teams were under to deliver projects as well as manage BAU tasks.

Initially focussing on day to day cyber operations such as software updates & user education, with the threat landscape rapidly changing over the years, the company has grown to become a leader in providing Cyber Security Operations within the Financial, Legal, Charity & Health sectors.

Our senior management team bring a range of complementary skills and many years of experience to the board room. This allows us to bring our range of expertise and knowledge to the services we provide.

PalisadeSECURE provides services and products to support the 6 pillars of Cyber Security – Standards, Threat Defence, Education, Validation & Remediation, Evidencing & Auditing, Governance – the combination of these key pillars are essential to securing your company & your clients information.

Our Values

PalisadeSECURE believe:

  • Cyber Security is at the heart of everything we do
  • The development of a close and trusted relationship with our customers is extremely important to us
  • Our services protect our clients and provide a positive impact on the community

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in fighting the threat of Cyber Crime by ensuring businesses and organisations have the tools and processes in place to combat potential breaches and to keep sensitive and valuable information safe and secure.

Corporate Responsibility

PalisadeSECURE are extremely proud to support good causes and be a proactive member of our local community.

PalisadeSECURE currently support the PHAB Shop, based in Rayleigh UK.

The PHAB Shop is a charity shop with a difference! They run like any other charity shop, taking in donations and selling on, but the difference being They provide volunteering opportunities to people with disabilities, learning difficulties and mental health issues. Over 90% of their volunteers have some form of additional need that has had an impact on their confidence and working lives.

At the Phab Shop they aim to change that impact by boosting confidence and skills in a relaxed working environment.

For more information, please visit their website by clicking on their logo below.

Palisade Secure Corporate Responsibility


CEO, Luke Drewer taking part in a local fund raising event for The Phab Shop