Why Cyber Security Operations as a Service?


In a fast developing world, keeping ahead of the threat is a challenge and Cyber Security is fast becoming the infrastructure teams biggest headache. Delegating the task of delivering Cyber Security Operations allows your infrastructure team to focus on delivering solutions whilst providing your Information Security department the peace of mind threats are minimized throughout the estate.

seamlessly integrate with our infrastructure teams to deliver our patching compliancy

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Cyber Security Modules
Your tailored solution

With our range of expertise we can provide a tailor made solution to meet your needs.

Patching and Information Security

In addition to adding another level of security against malicious attacks, server patching may also be required for compliance with standards such as GDPR, Cyber Security Essentials, ISO 27001 and ISO 27012. Also many companies benefit from the regular downtime provided by a regular patching schedule for software deployments/upgrades. At PalisadeSECURE we look to work with your Information Security and/or Infrastructure team to understand your patching requirements in order to alleviate this pressure by managing this process from start to finish!

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